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Welcome to the Pragya Institutions Alumni Network. No matter how many years, months or even weeks it has been since you were a student, this is your chance to reconnect with other former friends and get reacquainted with your Alma matte. We owe our success to our students - present and past - and appreciate all that you contributed as a former member of our team. That's why we've created this network as a valuable resource for you.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to renew old friendships, establish new ones, expand your professional network, and have access to events, news, and exciting career prospects. We hope this is the continuation of a lifelong relationship with you. We appreciate the many contributions that our alumni have made to University's growth and success. We created this network as a way for you to stay connected with us and the many friends that you made during your time here. This is your resource and we want you to take advantage of it.

"You're selected." Remember that day? As an alumnus, if you'd like to experience that feeling again, we have an offer for you. At Pragya Centre for Professional Development we're interested in partnering with you on innovative ways to keep improving the professional lives of the existing Shobhitians.

The Alumni Network is a nonprofit network developed by alumni to help former students stay connected. Our mission is to share ideas, talents and resources with each other and with our communities. We will donate any profits to charitable groups around the world. We are not formally connected with the University, but they are supportive of our efforts.

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