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Believe, Vision & Mission


To develop a center of excellence for technical, professional and vocational education and research at par with national and international standards.


To develop the framework for effectively conducting various educational and research programmes of the highest standards so as to produce confident, self-reliant and responsible youth for the society and outstanding professionals for government, industry and business.The mission is to "Reach the unreached"


  1. Provide easy access to high quality education in Management, Engineering, as well as other academic & professional fields to its students, irrespective of their caste, creed, age, gender, region or country, at an affordable cost.

  2. To offer a conducive environment for pursuing research and vocational studies with a market-driven orientation.

  3. To expose students to new ideas, fresh vision, pragmatic ambition and enhance their competency in the ever-changing business environment.

  4. To provide flexible choice based credit system of education and dual-degree programmes while flexible adopting modes of delivery to suit students' requirements of learning.

  5. To prepare and assist students in improving their future prospects through career counseling and placement support, on-the-job training, industrial visits, presentations, group discussions.

  6. To Promote and practise a convenient distance education concept in India and abroad.

  7. To spread job-oriented Skill Development education in rural and tribal areas.

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